October 19, 2017


Solutions which enable you to support core business applications and network management

The efficiency of all your business application is directly proportional to the efficiency and availability of your network infrastructure. It is therefore, prudent to implement a highly available, scalable, efficient infrastructure solution. Some of the services we provide in this realm include:

  1. Designing and installing Networks as LAN, WAN, VSAT, Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN).
  2. Designing and installing Windows Active Directory domains including Small Business Server (SBS).
  3. Increase efficiency by consolidating data systems and domains.
  4. Assist in planning and implementing domain.
  5. Deploy a flexible IT infrastructure that can accommodate future changes (Scalability).
  6. Maximize system availability through implementation of redundant systems and networks (High availability).
  7. Deploying Cloud based systems.