S&D PRO™ provides a state of the art secondary sales management, which streamlines the manufacturing and distribution mechanism by providing real time information linked between the points of purchase, distributors and corporations. It is a complete web‐based solution designed to work across company’s intranet and over the net.

Handheld devices are used to cater for the sales, payments, DSR journey cycles, targets, availability and visibility for own products as well as competitors products, etc.

XnappSales is an application designed to support all variations of Secondary Sales & Distribution channels.  It utilizes historical data to make suggestions about when and how much to deliver. It improves product shelf availability by delivering the right product to the right shelf.

The App also helps you get survey feedback, polls, market intelligence and customer reviews directly from retailers.

All you need to do your best work, together in one package that works seamlessly from your computer, phone or tablet. With your G Suite account you’ll have access to business email, video conferences, online storage, and other business tools.

Servetech Systems has partnered with Google to bring the service closer to you. You and your organization can benefit from low license cost, high security and rapid deployment.