S&D PRO™ provides a state of the art secondary sales management, which streamlines the manufacturing and distribution mechanism by providing real time information linked between the points of purchase, distributors and corporations. It is a complete web‐based solution designed to use both across company’s intranet and over the net.

S&D PRO™ is an integrated software solution, which includes Sales Order Processing & Purchase Cycle, Accounts Receivable, Claims, Inventory Management and Efficient MIS. Handheld devices are used to cater the sales, payments, DSR journey cycles, targets, availability and visibility for own products as well as competitors products, etc.

Business Benefits

It is envisaged that S&D PRO™ would bring humongous benefits for all stakeholders of a distribution system:

Corporate Leadership

  • Turns Distributor into Your Loyal Allies
  • Higher Influence on Outlets
  • Makes your Brand win at the Shelf
  • Price Standardization across the sales universe
  • Greater Sales Universe Coverage
  • Increased Productivity of Channels, Outlets, Brands and Sales Teams
  • Systematic achievement of targets arrayed with Corporate KPIs
  • No more stock shortages at Corporate Warehouses, Distributor godowns and at Outlet Shelves
  • No more Stock Expiries, Damages or Losses
  • Highly Effective Trade Promotions and Brand Promotions
  • Authentic Distributors’ Claims supported by appropriate evidences.
  • Rigorous Control and Increased Productivity of Assets Injected in the market

Distribution Partner

  • Minimal Capital gets blocked in the Stocks
  • Faster rolling of investment
  • Clear visibility and Traceability to the “Stock‐On‐Wheels”
  • No more bad debts in the market
  • Hassle Free Sales Incentive Management
  • Performance Oriented Sales Team
  • Claims Processing becomes quicker than ever
  • Accurate PnL & ROI available any time

Sales Manager

  • Team Management becomes very handy
  • Complete Territory Information available at his fingertips
  • Effective route planning and execution
  • Crystal Clear Visibility to Distributor Investment
  • Improved Manageability of Service Rate In The Territory
  • Guided Target Achievement for the entire Territory
  • Fair calculation and disbursal of Sales Incentives


  • Gets crystal clear visibility to his sales commissions on daily basis
  • Makes his time in the market Highly Productive
  • Carries all his sales tools in his palm
  • Receives Systematic Guidance to meet the targets
  • Van Stock management becomes quite handy
  • No chances of calculation mistakes in orders and collections
  • Guided route management
  • No waiting queues in the back office for Day End settlements.


  • Nobody steals the benefits that a shopkeeper qualifies for Stock replenishment gets quicker than ever before
  • Complete Peace of mind on prescribed prices
  • Receives fresh stock every time from the distributor
  • Stock Return & Replacement becomes much easier and fair
  • Wins greater rewards for the Brand Loyalty
  • Credit Terms become more Transparent and Flexible
  • Guaranteed remedy of the Complaints